CCTV & Security

Our total security and access solutions involve a range of different systems. Solutions range from simple home security cameras and video monitoring systems for small shops and business premises, to more complex projects incorporating access control management systems linking to a central monitoring station or concierge.

we are experts at integrating security and access systems to provide maximum security protection with the greatest convenience to our clients. We’ve provided security systems for very high-profile commercial projects and for properties containing millions of pounds worth of valuables. We design and install enhanced access control systems include keyless scramble keypads that never show the same sequence of numbers twice or read unique biometric data (such as a retina scan).

Our CCTV systems can allow you to securely see any camera image remotely. We can provide asset-tracking systems that show your where you valuables are at any time. We provide a level of control for these systems designed for you. Our solutions allow you to view who is at the door from your phone, touchscreen or television and manage who comes and goes from your home or premises at the press of a button.