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Oracle IDM

“A data breach costs $3.86 million on an average. – IBM"

Identity and Access Management (IAM or IDAM) is a framework of policies. It enables organizations to automate the user lifecycle and provides secure, fine-grained access to enterprise resources and assets. Identity and access management tools are critical to enterprises and are progressively business-aligned.

Taqadom’s Gold partnership with Oracle has empowered us to be market experts and the preferred technology partner for Identity and Access Management services in the industry. A part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, Oracle Identity and Access Management enables decision makers to appraise profits in terms of cost savings, management control, operational efficiency and business growth of enterprises.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Taqadom delivers all the core identity and access management capabilities through a multi-tenant Cloud platform, Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Key Features

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhance user account security by verifying multiple credentials to prove their identity while accessing enterprise resources.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow users to access enterprises resources easily without having to remember multiple credentials.
Single Sign-On
Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG)

Oracle Identity Governance, powerful enterprise identity management system that allows easy identity and access privilege management for resources across the enterprise network. It provides self-service, compliance, provisioning and password management services for applications within the enterprise network, Oracle Identity Governance delivers flexibility and scalability with J2EE implementation, N-tier deployment architecture, browser-based user interfaces and Oracle Grid compatibility.

Oracle Access Management (OAM)

Oracle Access Manager is an exclusive combination of identity management and access control capabilities that enables enhance business agility. It ensures seamless business partner integration. OAM also enables regulatory compliance. It supports leading directory servers, application servers, web servers, and enterprise applications. Oracle Access Manager delivers authentication, web single sign-on, access policy creation and enforcement, user self-service, delegated administration, reporting, and auditing.
Oracle Access Management
Oracle Unified Directory

Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)

Oracle Unified Directory is next-generation directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities. It is designed to serve large deployments, and provides high performance. OUD is easy to install, manage, and monitor. It ensures authentication billions of users and enables enterprises to scale as they grow by providing elastic deployments. Oracle Unified Directory is all-in-one directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities. It provides all the services required for high-performance Enterprise and carrier-grade environments. Oracle Unified Directory ensures scalability to billions of entries, ease of installation, elastic deployments, enterprise manageability and effective monitoring. Oracle Unified Directory is part of Oracle Directory Services Plus which provides comprehensive Directory Solutions for robust identity management deployments.

Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Oracle Internet Directory is an LDAP v3 directory service that cartels the competences of directory service with the mission-critical forte of the industry-leading Oracle Database. Fully integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, OID provisions heterogeneous environments and can be synchronized with third-party directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, SUN Java System Directory Server, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP.
Oracle Internet Directory

Our IAM Offerings

Access Management & Federation

Directory & Virtual Directory Service

Identify Administration Identity

Governance & Administration

Data Security & Loss Prevention

Security & Risk Intelligence

Cloud Security

Solution Benefits

Reduce IT Costs
Enable Easy Access To Resources
Automate Day-To-Day Processes
Increase Organizational Efficiency
Improve IT Security
Enhance Business Performance
Achieve Regulatory Compliance
Monitor & Audit Access

Taqadom’s Offerings

On-site and Offshore Model
On-site and Offshore Model
Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
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Solution/Process Consulting
Solution/Process Consulting
On-Premise/Cloud Services
On-Premise/Cloud Services

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